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emv software dumps cvv paypal clone chip smartcard atm skimmer pos scammers emvchipso

emvchipso software
http://www.emvchipso.com (emvchipso software is a ripper SCAMMER) i contact this guy and tray to buy his software and he made me a life demo but in fact the transaction demo over the pos use fake since he is using a verifone offline skimmer pos to make the demo he will also accept escrow on some forums but on that forums the admin is his complice DONT BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM HIM IS A RIPPER SCAM TOTAL RIPPER i see a lot of people complain abut his here is what i found
Jabber [email protected] =FRAUD SCAMMER RIPPER
[email protected] IS A RIPPPER
ICQ 589335544 SCAMM
WHERE IS MY MONEY SOCCORRIO !!!!!!!! Be aware guys i lost 3000 USD where
On HF his user name is moe00
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
skype = mo0o0-e

He don't install nothing you will get a BIG VIRUS !!!!
He will tell you he accept escrow on some forums but the admins are his complices and they will scam you.

he will tel you that i am hater that why i post this videos,but i post this video because i lose my money,once you pay him hi delete you emvchipso software FRAUD SCAMMER

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