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us sms interception

US SMS interception
No, it's not SS7 attacks, not malware or any other spy software, nothing like that. I do interception by my own way. A little scam, honey dick trick social engineering stuff. I search specific target and get their text message under control when they sleep(When they wake up, game over) Cashout their PayPal accounts( get pass via SMS of course) I can even let them download TeamViewer so I can control their computer to make transfer easier.

BUT. Good times don't last long , recently I found that PayPal is really hard to fuck with, I can only send 1 or 2 transfer then I will get an error. I thought it was just unlucky, owner's cc or bank no enough money. But I've tried 3-4 accounts, same shit happened. the loss outweighs the gain,so I decided to move on.

What else can we do guys? How about bank transfer? I know nothing about the bank transfer. When I do paypal , all I need to know is the paypal email address , it's very easy to get. If I do the bank transfer, what info I must know from target ? As long as it's not hard to obtain.

If you’re interested, we can partner up. Brainstorm please.

Qestions you may ask
1 Can you intercept any phone number ? ------------ If you give me your target, the job is difficult to complete. Unless the target has recent events that can be searched on the internet.
2. Can you intercept other countries text message? -----------theoretically yes, but I only do US , CA , because low cost for me .

3. How long takes you to get sms under control------------2-3 days after target confirmed. sometimes a week. Not an easy job, I have to make stories lol.

3. How long can you control the SMS. --------------Like I said , only a few hours during their sleep.

4. What else can you do. ------------I can also forward target call to my phone number . Call forwarding , that means you call the target , I will pick up and say "hello"

Any other questions please add ICQ: 635727259 I may not reply here.

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