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post see cant i reason a there is dates ?

Negative Is there a reason I cant see post dates ?

This thread was last edited: 34 days ago

Can upgraded members see dates when posts were made ?

This is kind of confusing if I cant see how old a topic is.

Is it a restriction on new users or something ? Please help.
Due to the fact that we ARE a public carding forum not an underground dark web. We are kinda forced to enable security precautions in case our forum gets taken down. We have implemented a feature where the Database does not store any IP addresses, activities such as user actions, and admin/staff actions. THE ACTIVITY LOG has been completely removed

And to answer your question: Because we removed a lot of things from the database including TIME AND DATE of posts, these will not appear on any threads because of the fact if the police seize the database no ips and times and dates or user actions are saved in case a user is stupid enough to not stay protected over the net when browsing our forums, if in any case he gets arrested, no time and date or activity actions are stored on the db that can be USED against him in a court of law. So we are trying to protect ourselves and more importantly our members of the community. As long as this is in ACTIVE COMMUNITY with active posts and the content is good it shouldn't matter when the posts were made. I suggest each member add their email addresses to each posts to continue discussions outside of the forum or for someone to contact each other to see if they are still selling/buying or requesting help of such posts made.
Thanks dude I appreciate the really clear and detailed explanation, it makes sense !! =)
Smart thinking. And I genuinely hope it is not there in the database. Not even a trace. :)
thanks for the explanation. i also have same question as above and now i have understood...
The explanation sounds very very mature..I like that .
i had the same question,but now i know that.
Grrat idea

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