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make 4000 usd with this

Make $4000 USD with this.
Good day friends,

I have gone through this site and I have come to understand that there are HQ h*ck*rs here, I have been through so many sites and I have given this challenge to hackers on those sites and they have all failed to meet up.

So here is the issue, I hacked a pc and came across a full detailed CC i.e I have atm pin, details on the body of the card ( cvv no, Exp date, and others), I have the phone number that receive the alert when cash is pulled out using an atm and much more.

But I when ever I try to cash it out I end up been asked of an OTP code, which I have found extremly difficult to get.

Now this card has been shown to be from a financial institution in africa and makes even more difficult for me to have this named OTP code as I can not clone it.

Now if there is anyone here that can bypass this Verification process and cash this card I am willing to share.

Kindly Pm for more details.
Is this credit card ...of balance of 4000ussd
You have just said you have the number for alerts etc well that is where the otp will go to, unless you mean you know the number but do not have control, in that case you are better off changing it to one you have control of then leave it for 3 days then go ahead getting the otp, i do have another way that is not known publically and do not want to put it out there for everyone to know sorry.

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