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2017 lessons carding 2018

Carding Lessons018 / 2018
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Greetings, friends! Our team offers for you to learn an interesting, and most importantly profitable kind of earnings. We continue the successful company of courses, the basis of which is carding. Joining our club will give you an opportunity to start working in the shadow business as a whole, not just in carding, but in an extensive sphere, with many opportunities for development and big earnings. The course is constantly developing in several directions, opening more and more opportunities for members of our club.

At the beginning of018, we conducted 20 groups, more than 250 students!

Concerning carding, we will specify at once - this kind of activity for you will be safe, because We do not harm the CIS countries, while respecting the latest security technologies in the network. The subject of our work is the USA, Europe, Asia, from which, subsequently, we can receive the goods directly in the country of our residence, using the tools that we will provide to you.
The very essence of clothing carding is based on the fact that you can buy goods (equipment, clothing, electronic goods, etc.) at someone else's expense, using credit card and bank account data.
At the same time, there are a lot of options where you can immediately receive money for your work result, without even touching the product with your hands.
We are accompanying you from the very beginning, to obtaining a stable profit.

Now it is more detailed what the course is.
If you are a beginner, do not worry, the course will initially focus on the main stages of work. Starting from studying the terminology and setting up the system, before making a successful drive and selling the product. The chain itself, of course, looks complicated, which we will analyze, but for a general understanding it is enough.

After training, first, you will be introduced to the field of Internet security and anonymity in the network. Get knowledge associated with the work of banking systems, credit cards, well, and simply discover a new kind of earnings. In addition, new topics are constantly being added to the course, which go beyond carding.
It is also worth mentioning that we have a club system, which means that after the course ends, you can always count on consultations and help from our team and your classmates, as well as attend new lectures.
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I would like to join. I am passed very basics but never executed. Self- driven, team-player
I we like to join the lecture
I would like to join. please pm me

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